Awards for Young Musicians

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Making a difference

2016 Award winners talk about the impact of our support:

Working within the setting of a professional orchestra at the 2016 Awards Day was an incredible opportunity which has given me great insight into the real working world of music. Being an AYM Award winner not only enabled me to repair my instrument, it also provided me with a once in a lifetime opportunity that I otherwise would have never had. Jessica – Violin, 17

This Award has helped me feel more inspired than ever to become a professional musician, consistently providing me with opportunities to further my musical experience. Cameron – Classical Guitar, 18

This Award has made so many things possible. As a percussionist I don’t have regular access to the wide selection of instruments that I need to learn, at home or at school. Attending the junior RNCM has made it possible to have lessons on all these instruments. It has also given me lots of inspiration and opportunities to perform. Alex – Percussion, 13

Being an AYM Award winner feels like being part of a big family. This was particularly present in the Award Day, when everyone came together and celebrated music and music making. Ruben – Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Piano, 12

I am delighted to be included in such an amazing community as it has supported me and been a great learning experience. It has taught me how to be a better musician. Matilda – Piano, Violin and Organ, 14

It’s made me more determined, knowing people are out there to help me fulfil my dream. James – Bass Guitar, 17

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