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Giving talent a chance

Welcoming our new Guardian Angel

We are delighted to welcome our new Guardian Angel, Becky Goldsmith, who has made a generous gift to AYM of £10,000.

Becky is pictured here with our Chairman, Philip Jones, handing over her gift. Thank you so much Becky for Giving Talent a Chance!

This amount of money makes a real impact at AYM. For example £10,000 funds an average of 20 places on our annual Awards programme, or covers 500 individual instrumental lessons for young people on our Furthering Talent Programme.

Becky is a friend and neighbour of AYM Patron, guitarist Miloš Karadaglić, who introduced her to AYM’s work.  Here Becky explains why she chose to become a Guardian Angel after finding out more about what we do:

“My own appreciation of classical music began when I was 5 and first sat at the piano. It has deepened and broadened since then and I’m still learning. For a long time I have felt the need to encourage serious young classical musicians in learning their craft and reinforcing their love of the medium.  My life now is finite and I am feeling that it would be far more satisfying to donate to your organisation now than by bequest. This way I get to know you and delight in seeing and hearing the recipients of AYM support. Other than my good fortune in the love and friendship of many around me, music is my soul’s sustenance and source of comfort and happiness. I just want to feed the eagerness and talent of the young (and very young) so that they too have wonderfully musical lives, professionally or as part of their humanity.”

We were delighted to be able to invite Becky along to the Royal Academy of Music, to observe a group of our Award winners working closely with musicians from City of London Sinfonia. The workshop was part of a month long chamber music project (one of many opportunities/projects our Awardees benefit from), which has been kindly funded by the Elias Fawcett Trust. Of the experience of going along to the workshop, she commented:

“Witnessing the class, experiencing the seriousness of the very young students and listening to their playing convinced me, if that were necessary, of the soundness of my decision to support. Their enthusiasm was ineffably moving and gladdened my heart.”

Above: Becky is pictured observing the workshop at the Royal Academy of Music. Below: our young Awardees hard at work.

Guardian Angels are generous individuals who donate £5,000 (or more) annually, to support our programmes of work.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our other Guardian Angels: John Capaldi, Aileen Lauler,  Mrs Peta Martin, Stephanie and Marek Kulesza (the McKenzie Johnston Awards) and Mrs Viola Bent (Viola Bent Awards) as well as our host of Angels and Cherubs. Your patronage is vital and makes a huge difference to the young people we support. If you would like to discuss becoming an AYM Angel, please contact our Director, Hester Cockcroft on 0117 904 9906 or email her.