Presto in music means quickly or rapidly, and the young musicians we support are developing really fast, so they need all the help they can get to have a chance of fulfilling their potential. By becoming an AYM Champion and having your donation doubled via our Presto! campaign you will be making a real difference to their musical lives.

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Discovering a love of and talent for playing a musical instrument can be a pivotal moment in many people’s lives.

You may well remember how you felt when you first began to learn to play an instrument. Perhaps you brought home a squeaky violin as a child which you practised daily to make your parents proud. Maybe as a teenager you picked up a guitar, learnt your favourite hits and composed your own music to express your feelings. Or perhaps you picked up a trombone in later years to fulfil a lifelong ambition. Maybe you remember the euphoria you felt from performing live for the first time or finishing writing that first song. However you did it, you’ll know the difference music and music making can make to your life.

Or, perhaps you didn’t get the opportunity to explore your own musical potential and know how frustrating this felt. Right now, there are hundreds of talented children who aren’t getting the chance to experience a musical life. Whether it’s because of a lack of income or other barriers to access many children with considerable musical talent are denied the chance to progress because their potential is neither spotted nor supported.

We find these talented children, nurture their potential and inspire them to reach their musical goals. With our many partners we work with hundreds of children from across the UK and support them along their musical journey.  For information about the ways we do this, take a look at our programmes.

As soon as I got nominated as a young musician, it made me feel like I can try harder. This really helped! What I really like about my trumpet is the sound. Because it’s happy and bright and cheerful. It only has three valves but there’s so much more you can do with those valves and that’s what I never knew before!”

Isla trumpet

We need to fundraise to continue to develop and expand our work. Will you join us in making a difference, so that more with musical potential have the chance of a musical life? Our Presto! campaign, supported by the Garfield Weston Foundation, means your donation will be doubled for one year if you sign up to be an AYM Champion by making a monthly donation:

Champion giving

Help a talented young musician on their musical journey.

Just £5 per month could help a young musician pay for their travel to and from an instrumental lesson

Equip a young musician with the tools they need to develop their potential.

£12 a month could fund the hire of an instrument for a young musician beginning their musical journey

Support a young musician as they learn and hone their craft

£20 a month could fund a 30 minute one-to-one instrumental lesson for a young musician

Give a young musician the best chance to fulfill their potential

£40 a month could fund an average Award and a year of support for a young musician on our annual Awards programme

Garfield Weston Foundation will match monthly donations established between March 2019 and March 2020 for a period of 12 months, up to a total value of £20,000. Increased donations from existing Champions will also be matched in the same way!

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Become an AYM Champion from £5 per month and see your donation doubled for 12 months.

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