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Practical Progression is a film series, made by music leaders, for music leaders from any setting. They’ve been produced by Awards for Young Musicians in partnership with the five Music Education Hubs currently delivering the Furthering Talent programme: Brighton & Hove, Greater Manchester, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and North West Midlands. The films form part of a peer-led professional development programme also called Practical Progression and aim to build on music leaders’ existing tool kit, whatever setting they are working in. The films look at different ways to support young people to overcome barriers to their music making.

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The Nottinghamshire film looks at identifying musical potential and how teachers can spot musical potential in a child when they are only ever working in a group setting. It challenges the concept that only a child who already shows some level of technical ability has potential. Some children may not have had access to music lessons, so the film looks at other indicators of potential such as enjoyment, expression and memory.

Made in partnership with The North-West Midlands Music Education Hub this film looks at an approach that places a young person at the very heart of their learning. The film explores how to engage and motivate students by giving them more choice in setting their own musical goals. It introduces AYM’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and how it helps teachers find out about their students and what they want to learn. We then follow a violin player and his teacher as they record their own music for the first time.

Made in partnership with Leicester-Shire Music Education Hub this film explores the benefits of providing a diverse range of musical experiences for young people in order to encourage engagement and enjoyment. The film focuses on musical diversity and shows three different ways of experiencing music via Leicester’s Sitar Society, a Turntablism workshop and a Taiko drumming performance. The film also speaks with a local studio about their inclusive approach to music making.

Made in partnership with Greater Manchester Music Education Hub this film looks at what makes up a musical community and how it can support a young person to make musical progress. The film explores how parents and carers, peers, music teachers and schools can play a role in putting young people at the centre of a thriving musical community. It visits some real life examples of musical communities and shows the difference they are making to the young people they are supporting.

Made in partnership with Brighton and Hove Music & Arts this film meets two individual musicians and one band and explores their own musical journeys and the decisions that have affected their careers. It looks at the benefits of providing children and young people with a diverse range of musical experiences and some of the many career options that are available to them on their own musical journeys.

Please help by sharing the films online and via social media. For more information about Practical Progression and AYM’s Furthering Talent programme please contact Neil Phillips:

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