Awards for Young Musicians

Giving talent a chance

Trustee: Michael Littlechild

I have been a Trustee of AYM since 2003 and I am a full-time director of a company called GoodCorporation, which specialises in evaluating how ethically companies behave and how far they do and they say they do. I spend a lot of time travelling around the world checking out how Western companies are operating in emerging and developing countries. One of the things we look at is how they give money and in-kind support to the communities they work in.

I studied economics and modern languages. Languages are like music – there is always more to learn and you have to constantly practice them. Luckily I do a lot of my work in the languages I studied so I get plenty of opportunity.

I think I am the least musical of the AYM trustees as I have never played any instrument, though I spend a lot of time listening and going to performances, especially opera.  I support AYM because of personal experience: I do not come from an educated family background and the support of my parents, teachers and many others gave me the opportunity to do everything I’ve done in both work and play; I can’t pay them back directly, but I can make a very worthwhile contribution here.