Awards for Young Musicians

Giving talent a chance

Volunteer: Julia Roth

I started my professional life as a flautist but after about 10 years, I became doubtful about music as a lifetime career so I made a second career in management development, finally retiring in 2005.  After a hectic working life in business, I decided to use some of my free time in retirement in helping musical children, which seemed a natural extension of my own personal experiences.  I wanted everyone to enjoy the pride I felt in my first school concert, with people really listening to me! And the self-discipline needed for practising became a core life-skill.

When I started researching possible organisations that might need me, AYM stood out for many reasons: AYM is one of very few organisations which offer help to schoolchildren, as opposed to conservatoire students; it is a model of efficiency – a lot of businesses could learn some lessons; my time is very well used, as well as funds being carefully managed. On top of that AYM provides so much more than the financial awards, such as support and advice to parents and performance opportunities. I’ve been closely involved with AYM for nearly 8 years now, and I hope to continue for many more!