Awards for Young Musicians

Giving talent a chance

Hester Cockcroft: Chief Executive

Throughout my career my focus has been on helping enable young people to fulfill their potential through creativity and the arts: it’s tremendously rewarding and exciting work. In all the organisations I’ve run the common theme has been tackling disadvantage: I strongly believe that every child, whatever circumstances they’re born into and whatever struggles their families might be facing, has the absolute right to develop their talents and be supported to gain the confidence they need to find the right path for them and fulfill their potential in life.

I’ve previously led a multi art form organisation delivering creative learning programmes in schools with young people, teachers and artists, producing major collaborative performances and long-term multi-disciplinary creative team initiatives. Prior to this I led a poetry and literature agency, producing its annual festival, creative education programmes and public art and cross-art commissions. Consultancy includes evaluation of Creative Partnerships and youth arts programmes and designing contemporary literature promotions.

AYM genuinely helps transform young people’s lives and that’s why I’m so proud to be leading our mission – to give talent a chance.