Presto! One gift, twice the impact

Your monthly donation to Awards for Young Musicians can now be doubled through our Presto! campaign. The Garfield Weston Foundation are supporting Presto! by matching monthly donations towards our work, up to the value of £20,000.

Discovering a love of music can be a pivotal moment in many people’s lives. You may remember how you felt when you first began to learn to play an instrument. Perhaps you brought home a squeaky violin which you practised daily to make your parents proud. Maybe you picked up a guitar and wrote your own music to express your feelings. Perhaps you took up the trombone in later years to fulfil a lifelong ambition. Or, maybe you didn’t get the opportunity to explore your own musical potential and know how frustrating this feels.

At Awards for Young Musicians (AYM) we know that musical talent is everywhere but opportunity isn’t. Right now, there are so many talented children who aren’t getting the chance to experience a musical life. Whether it’s because of a lack of income or other obstacles, many children with a natural instinct for music are denied the chance to progress because their musical potential is neither spotted nor supported. At AYM, we find these children, nurture their emerging talent and inspire them to reach their musical goals. Find out how.

We work across the UK and across genres, directly supporting hundreds of young musicians from low income families with funding and other help.  We also support music education through training, advocacy and research. But we’re reaching only a fraction of the young people who need our support and so we are appealing for your help to expand our work.  

Over a year a monthly donation of just £5, doubled to £10, could fund 6 one-to-one instrumental lessons for a child starting their musical journey. £20, doubled to £40, could buy an advancing young musician their first instrument. So join the campaign (whilst funds last) and see your money have twice the impact.

Please join us in making a difference by setting up your monthly donation today and help more children have the chance of a musical life.

“Presto in music means quickly or rapidly, and the young musicians we support are developing really fast, so they need all the help they can get to have a chance of fulfilling their potential. By becoming an AYM Champion and having your donation doubled via our Presto! campaign you will be making a real difference to their musical lives. Thank you!”
Hester Cockcroft, Chief Executive

To find out more or to discuss your donation please contact our Development Manager, Sanpreet Janjua: [email protected], 0300 302 3422.

Thank you.

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