Musical talent is everywhere but opportunity isn’t: family finances and other obstacles too often get in the way. We’re here to change this.

For over 20 years, we’ve supported talented young people from low income families, helping them to overcome financial and social barriers. Whatever the genre, whatever the style, our strategically targeted programmes help young musicians from across the UK to grow, flourish and fulfil their musical potential. 


We provide both direct,  sustained support - beyond funding - for individual young musicians, as well as targeted interventions to improve the broader music education environment.

Furthering Talent

Furthering Talent is designed to help musical young people from low income families from the moment the first sparks of potential appear. We support their instrumental learning far beyond initial state-funded lessons, so they can keep on playing music well into their teens and beyond. With Youth Music’s help we’ll be expanding the programme from supporting 150 to 450 young people across the UK by 2022. Hear from Kwasi, from Manchester, who has taken part in Furthering Talent.

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Annual Awards

Our annual Awards programme offers up to £100,000 in means-tested grants for individual young musicians each year, helping them grow and develop their musical potential. Applications are accepted from December to early March and Awards are announced in May of each year. Hear form Poppy about her experience as an AYM Award winner.

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Identifying Talent

Identifying Talent addresses a key barrier to talented young people’s musical progress: some teachers’ limited experience of how to identify their musical potential. Using face-to-face training and online film resources, we’ve so far worked with 1,000 music educators, exploring the skills they need to spot the next generation of musical talent. Hear from Tony, an instrumental teacher who's taken part in this training.

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Innovation and research

In our independent role we bring together some of the most innovative and creative minds around. Through pioneering programmes like the Musical Progressions Roundtable, our Talent to Talent mentoring programme and Practical Progression we continue to seek new ways to make a difference to the musical futures of talented young people. Hear from Mae who, as an Alumna of Awards Programme, took part in Talent to Talent as a musical mentor.

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In numbers

Since 1998, we've supported over 3,000 young musicians but we far from finished. Find out how you can support our work.

Young musicians directly supported

Across our programmes in 2017

Instruments provide to young musicians

Across our programmes in 2017

Instrumental lessons

Funded across our programmes in 2017

Musical Opportunities

Provided or brokered by AYM and taken up by students and famliy members in 2017

Peer mentoring sessions

As part of our 2016-17 Talent to Talent programme

On film

Take a look at our work in action through our collection of short films. Visit our news and resources section for more!

My Musical Journey series

As part of celebrating our 20th anniversary, we spoke with 20 young musicians who've received support from us over the years.

Practical Progression series

In 2018 we launched a set of five films, made by music leaders, for music leaders, exploring ways of supporting young people's musical progression.

Peer mentoring

Take a look at our Talent to Talent

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our charity number is 1070994. You can view our profile on the charity commission website here.