Memory: a facet of musical potential

Memory in music is a crucial ingredient but, in a one-off session, how can you observe it?

The main way used in these examples is through using call-and-response songs and games where there is one part where the call and the response differ (e.g. in Holeo and Don’t Clap This One Back). Try to immediately note who grasps these cues after they are taught and then return to them at the end to see who can remember them. If working over two sessions, then repeat the games/songs the following day/week and see who has musical recall.

Clip 1, A1: Don’t Clap This One Back – and indeed (like the others) not clapping.

Clip 2, O: Musical Tennis – remembering the rules and understanding them.

Clip 3, C: Holeo – the only one to remember the changes:

This resource is also available on the Youth Music Network.

Explore the other facets:

1) Enjoyment
2) Active listening
3) Absorption in the music
4) Commitment to the process
5) Inclination to explore
6) Inclination to lead
7) Memory
8) Expression

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