Inclination to Lead: a facet of musical potential

Observing those leading can be done in a number of ways. Noting those who volunteer to start a piece/process is, perhaps obvious, but it’s important, as it denotes a confidence and, usually, an understanding. However, it’s also important to observe those who lead more subtly, from within the group. This can be seen in those who keep their own part going while assisting others (sub-leading if you like) and those who lead changes within a piece once it has begun.

Clip 1, A: Goat Music – A doesn’t start the piece, but leads the first change and then supports on the second change.

Clip 2, A1: helping and leading in Musical Tennis – using her body to conduct with.


Clip 3, M: leading a rhythm confidently.

Clip 4, G: assisting/directing others while keeping a beat steady.

This resources is also available on the Youth Music Network. 

Explore the other facets:

1) Enjoyment
2) Active listening
3) Absorption in the music
4) Commitment to the process
5) Inclination to explore
6) Inclination to lead
7) Memory
8) Expression

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