Inclination to explore: a facet of musical potential

Asking the group to suggest ideas and then observing who responds is one way to notice those who are self-confident and happy to offer creative responses in front of the group.

However not all of these responses will be confident or immediately evident, so an inclination to explore might be better observed by noting

  • how individuals play and ‘play with’ their instruments,
  • how they might find a different way to contribute (the first to use the voice, for instance, in a group improvisation) and
  • how they might – when you first offer them an instrument – take an unusual one or try out many different techniques and approaches as soon as they’re given it.

Clip 1, K: finding an original way to play with the body.

Clip 2, A1: coming up with an idea for Don’t Clap This One Back – we see her working it out and then offering it to the group.

Clip 3, M: leading Switch/Guh and trying out many different ideas.

This resource is also available on the Youth Music Netowork

Explore the other facets:

1) Enjoyment
2) Active listening
3) Absorption in the music
4) Commitment to the process
5) Inclination to explore
6) Inclination to lead
7) Memory
8) Expression

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