Awards for Young Musicians

Giving talent a chance

The Chris Hall Award

Chris was a gifted musician, one of four siblings from a musical family. From an early age he excelled as a guitarist, learning through dedication and pleasure rather than formal teaching. He later trained as a pianist, going on to study music at university abroad, gaining a Masters in conducting and composition, and taking on a position of choir director.

Like those young people AYM aims to support, Chris had limited financial means. However, his great talent, and extremely hard work allowed him to pursue music as such a large part of his life and career.

Chris died suddenly, aged just 29. He is deeply missed every day by family and friends, but is remembered for his laughter, kindness, and the music he left us. He composed, performed and conducted all sorts of beautiful pieces for orchestral instruments, songs, even a film score. We are still discovering some of his work.

Aside from his passion for music, Chris loved sport. He was a keen footballer, soccer coach and mentor, golfer, skier, and would join in just about any other fun activity! He enjoyed travelling and socialising. He was funny, and thoughtful, and would have loved helping other young people to thrive and accomplish great things.