Meet our host of AYM Angels

We are hugely appreciative of the support of our AYM Angels, Guardian Angels and Archangels. We wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you from all the young musicians and from AYM.

AYM Archangels

Louise Kaye

AYM Guardian Angels

Mr and Mrs Barnett
Lynda Beament
Mrs Viola Bent
John Capaldi
David Gilmore and Matthew Rye
Terry Hitchcock
Philip Jones and Noel Qualter
Stephanie and Marek Kulesza
Aileen Lauler
David Turner

AYM Angels

John Ashford
Tim Berg
Patricia and Alan Botterill
Sir Sebastian Anstruther and Lady Susan Walker
Handa Bray
Richard and Elena Bridges
Douglas Bruce
Richard and Emily Buckingham
Hywel Davies
Marilyn and Michael Dolan
Jon Drori
David Emmerson
Yvonne Fuller and Jenny James
Madeleine Gantley
Giles Gostwick
Christine Gough
Roger Gundry
Ria Hopkinson
Yvonne Horsfall Turner
Joy Humphreys
Mary and Peter Isaac
Heather Jarman
Kathryn Jones
Ursula Jones
Richard and Honor Juniper
Colin Kirkpatrick
Michael Lewin
Beverley Mason and Anita Richards
Henry McKenzie Johnston CB
Leela Meinertas
Primrose Metcalf
Greg Taylor and Mike Mitchell
Paul and Ruth Meyer
Rachel and Shaun Moore
Gemma and John O'Connor
Jessica Osborne
Andrew Palmer
Sue Pandit
Adam Pollok CBE
Elizabeth Rantzen
Richard Russell
Mike Thomas and Serena Simmons
Janis Susskind
Benjamin and Charlotte Tansey
Robert and Debbie Taussig
Thomas Sharpe QC
Diana Toeman
Margaret and David Walker
Jean Weatherall
Richard and Alison Williams


Get in touch

You can become an Angel or Guardian Angel now by registering your regular gift or by making a one off donation.  We would very much appreciate you giving by Direct Debit if possible.  Our Development Manager, Sanpreet Janjua would be very happy to speak with you should you have ay questions or wish to discuss giving to AYM.

Sanpreet Janjua

E: [email protected]
T: 07821 444958.

Sanpreet Janjua

Other way to help