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AYM Angels

An AYM Angel is someone who goes above and beyond in their support, with an annual donation of £1,000 or more.

“I became an AYM Angel because these young musicians that AYM is identifying deserve the chance to get on further with their musical studies right now, and not when it’s too late.”

Every year we support over 300 young people from low income families to pursue their musical talent and we couldn’t do this without our Angels who believe as strongly as we do in helping young people achieve their potential.

We know from our work that the UK is bursting with musical talent and yet we’ve only been able to support a small fraction of this incredible potential. Simply put, we’re not yet able to reach enough of those young people and to help make a real difference in their lives.

If you have the means, please consider becoming an AYM Angel and help us achieve our ambition to support 1,000 young people each and every year.

Meet our Angels and Guardian Angels

Join our host of Angels

Angels are key members in a tight-knit community of donors committed to supporting talented young musicians in need.  As an Angel, we’ll keep you up to speed about the difference your donation is making. We’ll invite you to exclusive concerts where you can meet other AYM Angels, hear some of the young musicians we are supporting with your help perform, and publicly acknowledge your support.

To become an Angel: donate from £1,000 a year (£84 a month)
To become a Guardian Angel: donate from £5,000 a year (from £416 a month)

We would very much appreciate you giving monthly by Direct Debit.  To set up your Direct Debit please click on the monthly amount you would like to give below.

Become an AYM Angel

£84 per month 

£160 per month

£250 per month

Become an AYM Guardian Angel

£416 per month 

£625 per month 

To learn more or to discuss becoming an Angel please contact our Development Manager, Sanpreet Janjua., 07821 44958.

AYM Alumna and Patron, Jess Gillam performing alongside other AYM Award winners at an AYM Angels event at Goldsmith’s Hall, London