Awards for Young Musicians

Giving talent a chance

Innovation & Research

We’re proud of the way we’ve used our independent role in music education to become a thought leader in talent development. Examples include working with the Department for Education and Music Mark to co-commission a report evaluating the impact of whole class instrumental tuition and more recently hosting the influential Musical Progressions Roundtable (MPR). This involved colleagues from across the sector and many young people too and led to a major shift in how progression is viewed across the sector. The MPR’s findings in particular informed the development of both Furthering Talent and our Talent to Talent young musician-led mentoring programme supported by Arts Council England.

We’ll always continue to explore new ways to improve the way talented young people from low income families can be supported. The young people we help are constantly striving to be excellent musicians, and we continually strive to be better enablers. We support each of their musical journeys, refining, developing and evaluating the way that we work, to research new approaches that can help make a difference in the lives of talented young people.