Removing obstacles, realising potential

Each of our programmes is built around two key aims: removing the financial barriers and other obstacles that prevent young people getting into music, and helping realise their potential once they’re on their way. We’re here to give the best help and support possible, inspiring them to not only succeed, but excel.

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Identifying Talent

Training teachers how to spot and nurture young people’s musical potential

Furthering Talent

Targeting and sustaining young people’s emerging talent through individual support

Annual Awards

Funding young talent UK-wide, through annual grants and tailor made help for individual musicians

Innovation and Research

In our independent role in the music education sector: leading new thinking and action on talent development

New and updates from across our programmes

“At first Max wouldn’t play his clarinet at home and was too shy to perform to the family, but now he wants to play to us all of the time!”

“Some people aren’t lucky and don’t get the chance to learn a new talent or […]

“The support I now receive means I’m progressing quickly and I can play in orchestras and bands.”

“I started playing instruments later than other young musicians”. Fifteen year old Zahabia always loved […]

“I think music can take you to very beautiful places.”

“When I’m around music I feel amazing. The best thing about playing an instrument and […]

“I am a passionate record collector and can’t imagine my life now without playing my instruments!”

“I was very down after my illness and music helped my recovery more than anything […]

Personalised learning in the digital world

Awards for Young Musicians and Charanga are developing a powerful online tool to support young […]

“We love music and we feel lucky we can play together.”

Twelve year old twin brothers Nahuel and Yuma share an insatiable passion for music and […]

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