Awards programme

We will be accepting applications later this spring. We are currently making some changes to the application process and will be moving to a rolling process.  New guidelines will be published soon.

If you would like to receive a notification when the application process opens, or have any specific questions about making an application, please submit an Awards enquiry form below.   

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What we fund

We aim to provide bespoke support that matches the aspirations and needs of the individual young musician. We consider a wide variety of musical costs and take a broad view of what a musical cost is. There are a number of things to bear in mind when deciding what to apply for help with and a few things that we cannot fund, so please read this guidance carefully.

We like to support musical costs that are key to the young person's musical development.  So, think carefully about what they most need at this point in their musical journey.  What is holding them back from progressing or achieving their full potential? What opportunities are at risk of stopping without financial input?

For example, a young musician may need support with one of the following:

  • paying for music lessons or covering the travel costs in order to get to their lessons
  • buying or renting an important piece of equipment such as an instrument or computer
  • accessing suitable rehearsal space or making adaptions in order to be able to practise at home, e.g. by purchasing noise dampeners for loud instruments
  • adapting an instrument or purchasing accessories in order to meet a physical need, or to overcome an access barrier, e.g.  purchasing a light-weight instrument case
  • covering costs associated with protecting their health when making music, e.g. purchasing hearing protection for drummers
  • paying for courses, exams or audition fees

AYM are not able support any of the following:

  • Reimbursements for items already purchased
  • Settling the balance on items paid for on credit
  • Academic school fees (we will help with Saturday music school fees)
  • Costs associated with higher education
  • Foreign ensemble tours
  • International travel for masterclasses or courses
  • Any costs payable to companies or individuals outside the UK.

There are some costs, such as paying for residential courses during school holidays, or ensemble/orchestra fees, which AYM will only fund if:

  • The organisation providing the opportunity is not able to support the cost of the place through their own bursary scheme (please note that we have agreed with the NYOGB and NCOGB that AYM will not help with their fees, for this reason).
  • The opportunity provides access to specific training or expertise that the young musician could not gain elsewhere.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a 2021 Award from AYM young musicians should:

Frequently asked questions

If you think the young person meets the eligibility criteria please do the following:

1. Register for an account or log back into your existing account on the application portal. 
2. Complete an eligibility questionnaire. This can be completed on a computer, mobile phone, tablet or any other device.

After successfully passing the eligibility stage, you'll be asked to:
1. Answer a number of application questions about the young person's music making
2. Submit an audition video or composition.
3. Request recommendations from the young person's instrumental teacher(s), school and an optional additional musical recommendation.

AYM will provide an offline version of the application form upon request, should completing an online form be a barrier to applying.

Have a specific question?

If you have a specific question about applying for an Award please complete the query form below.