Expression: a facet of musical potential

This is a difficult facet to unequivocally define from a group context. However, there are examples of individuals being expressive which can be observed through:

  • the way they explore a new instrument when given it for the first time (e.g. the hand chimes)
  • how they use their body when asked to create a body rhythm
  • how they respond verbally when asked a question about an exercise and
  • how readily they’re able to create a short solo (e.g. 1 bar) within a structure.

Clip 1, E: her melody suggestion – she sings it clearly twice and is the first person to contribute.

Clip 2, K: playing a very expressive 1-bar drum solo.

Clip 3, C: experimenting and expressing himself.

Clip 4, A2: using her voice (alone) in a group improvisation.

This resource is also available on the Youth Music Network.

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