Enjoyment: a facet of musical potential

1. Enjoyment

Is the young person smiling as they are engaging with the process? Remember that if they’re not smiling this doesn’t mean that they’re not enjoying themselves, and likewise if they are smiling and laughing this might also be with nervousness or a disruptive playfulness. As a music leader your instinct is to respond positively to an individual who is smiling when you lead them because they’re showing an empathy and a positive engagement with the process – just try not to discount other, less obvious, signs of enjoyment within a group.

Clip 1, R: playing Name Jump and beaming as she plays with eyes closed.

Clip 2, J: getting it right and then smiling and doing a circle.

Clip 3, D: beaming and laughing and getting it right.

Clip 4, C: really enjoying playing Switch/Guh and being playful with it.

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Explore the other facets:

1) Enjoyment
2) Active listening
3) Absorption in the music
4) Commitment to the process
5) Inclination to explore
6) Inclination to lead
7) Memory
8) Expression

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