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Your donation will go towards helping gifted young musicians develop their talent regardless of the financial or social barriers they face. Donate today and help to Give Talent a Chance...

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Help a talented young musician on their musical journey
...Just £5 per month could help a young musician pay for their travel to and from an instrumental lesson
Equip a young musician with the tools they need to develop their potential
...£12 a month could fund the hire of an instrument for a young musician beginning their musical journey
Support a young musician as they learn and hone their craft
...£20 a month could fund a one-to-one instrumental lesson for a young musician each month
Give a young musician the best chance to fulfill their potential
...£40 a month could fund an average Award and a year of support for a young musician on our annual Awards programme

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If you wish for your donation to be put towards a specific campaign or Named Award fund, please email and include your name, the donation amount and the details of the intended purpose of the donation. We will match this information with your GoCardless donation and ensure funds are assigned accordingly

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