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Call to Music Education Hubs to join our Furthering Talent Programme

We are offering all Music Education Hubs the opportunity to apply to be part of the next phase of our Furthering Talent programme and to expand your support for young people from low income families.

Furthering Talent has inclusive practice at its heart: it provides individual support for children who face the greatest barriers to their musical progression and also develops the workforce’s toolkit for identifying and supporting young musical talent.

Furthering Talent has been in development since 2009 and currently supports 200 children across five partnerships with Music Education Hubs:

Brighton & Hove
Greater Manchester
North West Midlands

Thanks to a successful grant application to Youth Music, AYM, along with the 12 other Fund C organisations now make up the Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England.  This is enabling us to expand Furthering Talent into 10 new Hubs over the coming four years.  This will be done in two phases, with five joining in each stage.

Apply now

We are now welcoming applications for phase one. For full details about the programme and how to apply be download our application pack below.

Furhtering Talent Hub Recruitment pack

Applications must be submitted by Friday 28 September 2018.  

For more information please contact our Programme Manager, Neil Phillips

Tel: 07711953866